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Elon's Musk. Made with Real Musk

The original Elon Musk air freshener, made with the real scent of Musk. Make your car smell like the world’s hardest working billionaire.*

People Really Like Them

I’m guessing you tear off the plastic and nothing happens. Then, slowly, over time, it starts to give off a scent, ramping up exponentially.  

Mr Hockney, Jalopnik

I've been hanging one in my Model S. Whenever I turn on Autopilot I feel like Elon's watching to make sure I'm holding the wheel.


This literally smells nothing like Elon Musk.


If you don’t like Elon Musk, you can pretend it’s a Seth MacFarlane air freshener.

A. Barth, via Jalopnik

Because smells, like dreams, are ephemeral — the harder you try to hold on, the more they slip away. 

Jack Morse, Mashable

The only thing I can smell is a lawsuit

David Delahunty

The guy can’t possibly have time to sleep, let alone allow random fans to smell him for air-freshening purposes.

Alanis King, Jalopnik

*Not compatible with Falcon 9 rocket.